Investing in
higher education
and human capital

Higher Ed Capital provides equity and advice to early stage digital companies that use technology and efficient work flow processes to address customer needs.

Our Focus

Higher Ed Capital seeks to fund companies looking for early stage investment from partners who have been there before. Our primary focus is investing in higher education and human capital that uses efficient deployment of technology as a key strategy. However, we will evaluate investments in any industry.

Our Understanding

Higher Ed Capital understands the multifaceted challenges that entrepreneurs face. Our founders' primary digital business was created as a solution to the challenges they experienced in their respective fields. For more than two decades they have collaborated and built relationships with many like-minded individuals in the traditional allied professions that serve entrepreneurship.

Our Values

Higher Ed Capital is committed to helping entrepreneurs move their company from a viable organization to a vibrant industry leader. Capital and assistance can be found from a variety of sources but we believe our commitment to relationships and business ethics is essential. Stakeholders often care just as much about how you do business as the business you do.


Our Experience

Higher Ed Capital was formed in 2018 by the founders of HigherEdJobs: Eric Blessner, Andrew Hibel, and John Ikenberry. For nearly 20 years, HigherEdJobs has been the leading career resource in academia, offering advice, news, and hundreds of thousands of jobs a year from over 5,000 colleges and universities who find faculty and staff from its community.


Eric Blessner
Partner and Advisor


Andrew W. Hibel, J.D.
Partner and Advisor


John Ikenberry, Ph.D.
Partner and Advisor

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